ZUPlab goes Bologna

maggio 29, 2014

Is it possible to immagine another scenario than the one we thought we were going to follow?

This was the main questions with which we started a critical trip curated by Raffaele Quattrone which has given shape to the //:(TT)+U=Think The Unthinkable exhibition that is, on the moment we have our ZUPlab, on display in the Galleria OltreDimore in the Italian city of Bologna.

ZUP is selected by the collective and brought its ZUPlab for the first time to Bologna on the 23th of May 2013.

What did we do?

The participants of the ZUPlab have ‘read’  the city therefore using its communal sites and looking for new points of view, surprises and unexpected novelties. As a final step of the workshop these observations were translated in recipes to cook and taste together the soups of Bologna. Like every ZUPlab also this one was custom made for the specific situation.

Recipes named ‘ The studied, the fat and the pink’, could sound like something absurd, but the recipes are there and they are beautiful and tasteful.

Within a few weeks ZUP returns to Bologna to participate to the Festival delle Communità del Cambiamento, organized by Progetto Rena (which translates in The Festival of Comunities of Change). We will keep you updated on that!


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