ZUPs’ souvenirs

luglio 16, 2014

From May to October 2015 Milan will host the 34st Universal Exhibition. Less than a year before the event, many entrepreneurs in the Milan region or even in the whole of North Italy start to realize that this event might be an important opportunity to take a step forward after difficult years, amongst others caused by the economic. Even though the event seems to be far away, this is the right moment to take action and get ready for the tourists it will attract.

ZUPsouvenir helps people to revalue their neighbourhood or territori and gets them ready for tourism

After having worked for years in the business, ZUP started a few years ago as Zuppa Urban Projects. One of the first events we organised were ZUPlabs in which the participants (re)discovered their neighbourhoods with the idea to revalue them and contribute to an upgrade. To explain the other participants how a specific person interpreted the area of discussion, the partakers were asked to write a recipe for a soup (zuppa in Italian) that for them represented their neighbourhood.

These workshops and the recipes resulted in what we called ZUPsouvenir: a tour through the neighbourhood in which stories from local entrepreneurs and inhabitants were explained and eaten (as we also served some of the soups). An alternative way of tourism was invented.

Thanks to the internet new forms of tourism have developed themselves at high speed. Think of AirBnB in which you will be hosted in a private persons ‘ spare room or Spotted by Locals, a platform where local inhabitants give up-to-date insiders tips on activities in their city. You can imagine that there is enough on offer for different kinds of tourism.

While traveling through the country and working on different locations – from big cities as Firenze or Bologna to picturesque valleys in the north of the country – ZUP The recipe for Change has discovered that not everyone is ready to receive the ‘new’ tourists. That’s a pity as you might imagine that an event like Expo Milan 2015 (get a speed course Expo in this document) will bring millions of people. Assuming that many visitors will come from far away and combine a visit to the event with a trip through Italy and even Europe.

To enable entrepreneurs, local governments, trip agents and other merchants involved to profit from these possible increase of tourism, ZUP propose a new kind of ZUP souvenir (name under construction). In this chapter of our menu you will find, amongst others, the possibility to participate to a series of 2 to 6 workshops (the length depends on the situation) that will help the groups named before to see the weaknesses and the strengths of their destination and develop, with the support of the ZUP method, a strategy to get ready for the nearby future.

Again ZUP will demonstrate that with a relatively small investment, both in time and money, we can help people to start a change and bring them to the next level in a positively way.

Are you interested in ZUPsouvenir or one of the other ZUPlabs, please feel free to contact us on progettozuppa@gmail.com



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