Sparks, layers and colours: ZUP is changing its own recipe

settembre 22, 2014

It’s about a year now that we are  working on a new recipe for  ZUP. And here we finally are to present us the results!

ZUP, short for Zuppa Urban Project, is founded with the intention to evoke urban regeneration. However, we understood from the beginning that we are working on the participants’ capacity to imagine and that many workshop lead to the start of a process of change. This is also one of the main reasons why our new pay-off is ZUP – The Recipe for Change, for participation and strategic innovation.

Regardless the changes, we continue to make soups (or ‘zuppe’ in Italian, that is where our name originates), encourage to write recipes in order to make people collaborate and animate short and long workshops.

During the last years with our ZUPlabs’ we have gained experience in different contexts, responding to different clients with different needs. ZUP’s recipes are not only written in urban contexts, but also in more widespread areas or in private contexts, as we did for example in the HUB Milano. It has given us the opportunity to understand how useful and rich the results are when involving people in the ZUPlabs’.

We also confirmed that ZUP has the right instruments and a functioning methodological canvas. Count on top of that over 10 years expertise – in both communal as well as organization ambiences – with the construction (or enabling of construction) of strategic and participative scenarios. Do we need say more?

We have always said ‘a ZUP in the centre’ and we will continue to do this, because using food as an instrument remains valid, helps to aggregate people and helps to remove barriers when it comes to starting a process of change. Even better: food enables us to help you to imagine this change and realize the scenario that you wrote with our support. From the moment we started until today, the metaphor of ZUP is more than useful  in cases when it is needed to make ‘an harmonic dish that brings together different elements and turns it in a tasteful dish that will happily be eaten by all those who are involved’.

After all the talking (to explain what ZUP is, it turns out to be useful to explain our history) it is now time to present our new logo. It plays with an enormous U that resembles a big pot, the pot we use to make ZUP’s and thus is used to cook the recipes for change full of new and different ideas, created by persons, by territories and by organizations that work with us.

ZUP The Recipe for Change offre un servizio di innovazione strategica e partecipazione

ZUP The Recipe for Change offre un servizio di innovazione strategica e partecipazione

The logo distinct itself from the old one on different levels: it has a lettering more ‘clean’, essential, almost minimalistic. And moreover, we introduced new colours (the red in this logo is not the only one…): the red for ignition, of the spark, the energy and also – if you like – the Gazpacho of the Towers, one of the recipes that was made during one of the first workshops we did in a Milanese neighbourhood. As soon as we present the other ‘members of the logo family’ you will understand the reason for the layers, the crowds, the points that help to connect and to re-observe: all the important elements of the processes that a ZUPlab activates and that ZUPcultivation accompanies and brings forward.

Beside the presentation of our ‘general’ logo, we also want to give you a small preview of the articulation of the different services of ZUP:


Step by step we will modify the whole communication model: we will launch a new website, (so far under construction on, a new brochure, and a new coordinated look. On the web you will definitely bump into the old logo and the old name. For ZUP this is not a problem, as it is part of our history that brought us to what we are now.

To stay updated on the changes we are going through, follow us on facebook and via twitter on #zup #inprogress.



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